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...An Interdenominational Christian Prayer Chain

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Purpose of Prayer

Have you ever felt lost or separated from God and didn’t know where or how to find him?  Do you ever feel like God is so very far away or distant from you? 

If so, you can take comfort in knowing that prayer bridges the gap between God and us.  It provides us with the means to commune with God in a close and personal way.  Always remember that prayer is a dialog and not a monologue.  You can express your thoughts, concerns, and praise to God verbally or silently in your mind; either way he can hear you just the same.  God will in turn share his love and gentle guidance with us through various means. 

Our relationship with God is a symbiotic one, with each giving and supporting the other.  Through this exchange God can fulfill our needs and we can bring praise and glory to Him and his kingdom.

You will find many opportunities to learn more about prayer in our prayer circle section. You can also submit your prayer requests to our caring prayer chain members.

Prayer Request Form

Prayer Request Form Prayer Request Form

The Prayer Request Form allows you to submit prayer concerns. If you have any special prayer requests that you wish to send to us please fill out our Prayer Request Form

The Prayer Circle

Prayer Circle Prayer Circle

The Prayer Circle section is designed to increase our knowledge and understanding of prayer and enhance our prayer life. This section contains various useful prayers, some tips on how to improve our prayers, and various articles related to our prayer lives.


Prayers Prayers

The Prayers section is a collection of prayers that you may find useful in your prayer life.


Testimonials Testimonials

The Testimonials section includes some personal testimonies of Christian Spirituality.